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Surrounded by majestic mountains, Lake Chapala stretches across some 417 square miles to generate a pleasant climate all year around. This “inland sea” has drawn visitors for hundreds of years; an abundance of hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes attest to the destination’s popularity with tourists. The team at LakeChapala.net want to show you what the area is all about.

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Daily Living Lakeside

A woman plays the accordion and sings tangos in the plaza as children play and passersby pause to listen. A driver at the taxi stand mentions the tip his last fare gave him and his colleagues whistle in admiration. The expat woman was generous indeed. Mexican comida, — the big midday luncheon — over, restaurants begin to fill up with early dinner guests from the US and Canada while shoppers leisurely explore boutiques and jewelry shops. This is a Saturday afternoon in April, 2011 in the Mexico town of Ajijic. While North-of-the-Border media scream warnings about the danger of traveling to Mexico, life goes on as usual on the north shore of Mexico’s largest lake.

Looking for a good investment? Mexico real estate in the Chapala area is an excellent option. Snowbirds seeking furnished rentals generate income for owners who are not in residence. Meanwhile, property value has increased substantially over the past 10 years.

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The areas towns and villages offer a variety of lifestyles for every taste and budget. But all of them focus on outdoor living, from golf, fishing and even hang gliding to quieter activities like gardening, bird watching, enjoying a good book or hosting a back yard barbecue. Come, explore with us.

Chapala, Municipal Seat

Known for its Malecon, or seaside promenade, and a pier that juts out into the lake, Chapala is the municipal seat for towns and villages at the east end of Chapala’s northern shore. Downtown, the magnificent parish church is surrounded by Victorian style mansions from the early 20th century that now house restaurants and businesses. With a public pool and tennis courts in La Cristiania park and a yacht club of its own, It celebrates a lifestyle of outdoor living. The beautiful old train station dates from 1920 and is a cultural center for art exhibits, concerts and more.

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Chula Vista and San Antonio

To the west of Chapala, Chula Vista is a neighborhood with lovely homes and a challenging nine-hole golf course. San Antonio Tlayacapan is a village whose parish church faces a tidy plaza planted with roses. Along the highway are stores and shops of every kind, from home furnishing businesses to convenience stores, realties and even a Wal-Mart Super Center. Add the Centro Laguna shopping center with banks, specialty shops, a food court and a cinema to the mix, and San Antonio offers the best shopping on the north shore.

Ajijic, a cosmopolitan village

This is not an oxymoron. Ajijic is a traditional lakeshore village with a shady plaza, parish church and adobe homes. But the Lake Chapala Society there is a magnet for expats all along the shore, and the foreign influence has given rise to a cosmopolitan offering in arts, entertainment and dining. Home to artists and writers since the early 1950s, Ajijic is the locale of the Auditorium for concerts and dance performances. Galleries abound in the village. A vast variety of restaurants offers cuisine from traditional Mexican to Chinese, Argentine, Greek, Thai, German and much, much more.

Expatriates living in the area founded the Lake Chapala Society in 1955. Today, it makes the transition easier for newcomers living in Mexico by providing information, services and a wealth of opportunities to socialize on its beautifully landscaped grounds. Available to members, some 25,000 English language books, Talking Books and DVD movies can be checked out of the library. The society is also a way to connect with the Spanish-speaking community, and its bulletin board is a great source for Ajijic rentals.

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Hot springs, tennis and extreme sports in San Juan Cosala

San Juan Cosala is perhaps best known for its thermal waters, heated by underground volcanoes. As a result, swimming spas called balnearios offer private and public pools, therapeutic massage and more. On the mountain side of the highway, beautiful homes set on the steep hillside enjoy a marvelous view of the lake, another example of upscale Chapala real estate. This is the Racquet Club, where streets are named for tennis stars. It’s not surprising. The clubhouse with its tennis courts are the centerpiece of this community. San Juan is also popular for wake boarding on the lake and hang gliding.

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Jocotepec for tradition, berries and affordable housing

This small Mexico town was founded in 1529 but it dates back to 1361. Two churches on the town plaza each celebrate feast days with fanfare and fireworks. Its lovely Malecon was created in 2004 and is a perfect spot for a morning walk or a sunset stroll. On the edge of town, billowing white tents cover acre after acre, sheltering strawberry, raspberry and blackberry plants whose luscious berries are organically grown for export; these fresh berries can also be purchased all along the lakeshore.

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A recently-begun development offers brand new townhouse homes beginning at $650,000 pesos — some of the most affordable housing on the lake shore. However there are also many upscale offerings in Jocotepec, with something for every taste and budget.

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